As soon as the tour was announced, tickets were sold out almost everywhere.

In San Francisco, tour shirts were selling at a clocked rate of one every six seconds. All 17,672 tickets for Madonna's show at New York City's «Radio City Music Hall» were completely sold out in a record-breaking 34 minutes.

Both the shows at Chicago's «UIC Pavilion» were sold in a single day with a record breaking 18,000 tickets being sold.

In Philadelphia, record breaking 31.000 tickets were sold in under four hours.

Along with ticket sales, merchandise associated with the tour also sold rapidly. T-shirts, posters and promo-magazines featuring Madonna's image were picked up by the fans, even though most them were overpriced compared to the market value.

After its end, «The Virgin Tour» was reported to have grossed over $5 million, with Billboard Boxscore reporting a gross of $3.3 million.

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