«The Re-Invention World Tour» was Madonna’s sixth concert tour in support of her ninth studio album «American Life».

In 2003, Madonna collaborated with photographer Steven Klein for an art installation project called «X-STaTIC PRo=CeSS». The installation portrayed Madonna in different incarnations of her spiritual practices – from yogi, prophet, queen to freak and pole dancer. The publication was a worldwide success, leading to a number of exhibitions in New York, London, Paris, Düsseldorf, Berlin and Florence. After the exhibition was over, Madonna was inspired by the images from the exhibitions and decided to incorporate them into her then unplanned tour and asked Klein to help her with the task.

The main intention of the tour was to transform Madonna’s old hits musically and display her capacity for transformation and self-reflection. The tour was initially known as the «Whore of Babylon World Tour». The idea was to portray Madonna as the «Whore of Babylon», the figure of evil as mentioned in the «Book of Revelation». However it was later changed to the «Re-Invention World Tour», to make it a self-confident dig at all the critics and people who have expressed their views about Madonna re-inventing her image over the years.

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