Two shows were released commercially:

The August 5 show in Nice (France), was taped and aired on HBO in the United States and released worldwide exclusively on Laserdisc, titled « Live! - Blond Ambition World Tour 90 », as part of a sponsorship deal with Pioneer Electronics. One of the Yokohama (Japan) dates was also taped and released on VHS and Laserdisc in the Japanese market as « Blond Ambition - Japan Tour 90 ». Pioneer signed an exclusive deal to release these concerts on laser disc only and thus no video or DVD has yet been released.

In addition to these shows, the August 1 show in Barcelona (Spain) was taped and aired on television in Europe, Australia and Canada by SACIS-RAI. This show is known by fans for numerous technical mistakes (including Madonna forgetting part of the lyrics to « Sooner Or Later » and « Material Girl », getting her monocle caught on her headset microphone at the beginning of « Express Yourself », and not realizing that her headset microphone was still live as she exited the stage after « Where’s The Party », resulting in her command at a backstage crewmember to « get the fuck out of my fuckin' way »).

All three Parisian dates were taped by Alek Keshishian for « Truth Or Dare ».

Video of the 2nd night of the USA leg of the tour (May 5, 1990, Houston, Texas) taken from the video screens has been widely circulated among the fan community.

In addition a poor quality Germany-only DVD « Blond Ambition Tour 1990 » is from the same Houston show, not to be confused with the 1st night of the USA leg of the tour (May 4, 1990, Houston, Texas) which was also partially aired live on the MTV special « Blond Date » during the « Madonna Weekend ».

In the UK, BBC Radio 1 broadcasted the full show, live from Wembley Stadium in London on Saturday 21 July which led to controversy over the amount of swear words Madonna uttered live on air and the BBC had to issue an apology. Highlights of the show were lated aired after the 1992 interview with Madonna and Simon Bates.

The second show in Dallas was recorded for radio broadcast in the USA with the in-between song chatter removed. « Express Yourself » and « Open Your Heart » are recorded from the first Dallas show, whereas the remainder of the recording is from the second Dallas show.

Radio NRG broadcasted highlights from the first European show in Sweden on June 30.