Show Directed by Madonna

Choreography and co-directed by Vincent Paterson

Artistic Director : Christopher Ciccone

Musical Director : Jai Winding

Tour Manager : John Draper

Production Manager : Chris Lamb for GLS Productions

Road Manager : Mike Grizel

Set Designer : John McGraw

Lighting Designer : Peter Morse

Costume Design : Jean-Paul Gaultier

Additional Costumes : Marlene Stewart

Make-up and Hair : Joanne Gair

Keyboards : Jai Winding, Kevin Kendrick & Mike McKnight

Guitar : Carlos Rios & David Williams

Bass : Darryl Jones

Drums : Jonathan Moffett

Percussion : Luis Conte

Backing Vocalist : Niki Haris & Donna DeLory

Dancers : Luis Camacho, Oliver Crumes, Salim (Slam) Gauwloos, Jose Gutierez, Kevin Stea, Gabriel Trupin & Carlton Wilborn

Opening acts : Technotronic (North America, some European countries), Fingerprints (Sweden), Adele Humphrey (select venues), Mysterious Art (Germany)